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21-Jul-2017 05:42

Riding on the back on China’s mobile user base, it has remained a wildly popular platform for chatting, gaming and also shopping, though its growth is much slower than its stablemate We Chat.Instant Social Networking ® You Cams™ instantly allows you to chat and socialize with friends and family using a video chat and text. However, registration of a member profile will ensure that you retain a desired username on the chat service. Please report any additions or changes to this data! Now 404 of these cameras are supported using the macam driver! 43 cameras are supported using the USB Video Class (UVC) built-in driver found in Mac OS X 10.4.3 and later.The Times said that a spokesman for Snow Snow opens to the camera, just like Snapchat.You swipe to the side to see your friends and list of Stories, just like Snapchat.Swiping to the other side shows your private messages with friends too.The only real difference is that Snow reverses the swipe directions to get to chat and your Story page. "Snow also lets users add bottles of soju, the Korean liquor, or images of Korean pop stars," according to the Times.

The app has been download over 30 million times in Asia since it was released last September, according to The New York Times.

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