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10-Dec-2017 08:04

Having identified Darwin as a likely home for life, scientists send a series of unmanned probes to the planet.

Recently, he portrayed the robot, Baymax, in Disney's Oscar winning animated film, Big Hero 6.

But the probes soon find themselves in the middle of a developed ecosystem, teeming with diverse creatures of all sizes.

Peering through the "eyes" of the probes, marvel at the planet's bizarre inhabitants – like the lumbering Groveback, which supports a mini forest of vegetation on its back; deadly Prongheads who hunt in packs like wolves; and the graceful Gyrosprinter, an elk-like creature with a body dotted by luminescent biolights.

The video posted on Sunday showed Bartling sticking several coins to a piece of tape on the railway tracks.

He then stood back and cheered as a high speed train roared passed.

The look and biology of each animal is based on the laws of evolution and physics, then modeled to fit the hypothetical environment of Darwin IV.