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Fans of the 'Leave (Get Out)' hitmaker - real name Joanna Levesque - won't find her self-titled debut album on the music streaming site, and after one fan asked why, the star blamed her "former label" for removing the music, claiming she has "no control" over what they do with her tracks.One fan wrote on Twitter: "Why did you remove your timeless music from Spotify? @iamjojo (sic)"To which Jo Jo responded: "My former label removed my music. I pray one day they put my music back up."The debut album from the 'Save My Soul' singer - which was released in 2004 when Jo Jo was just 14 years old - also isn't available to buy on i Tunes according to, although it can be streamed via Apple Music.The week after the song's digital release it hit number one on Billboard's Hot Digital Songs, debuting with 260,000 downloads in its first week (the second highest digital sales for a new song of 2007, only behind Rihanna's "Umbrella").Hip hop has a long tradition of response tracks, particularly when it comes to the battle of the sexes.Jo Jo’s lyrics barely differ from the original, and rather than challenge the self-pitying Kingston (as is typically par for the course in response records), merely justify all of his fears and insecurities.If, as Tricia Rose argued, female responses were too circumscribed within the male-controlled discourse of sexuality to completely break away from male prerogatives, Jo Jo’s record is the culmination of this trend, a response that does nothing but amplify the original, where women have power inasmuch as they can woo and deceive men. Cause we both thought that love lasts forever (Lasts forever) They say we too young to get ourselves sprung Oh, we didn't care, we made it very clear And they also said that we couldn't last together (Last together) See it's very defined, you?

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Rapper Lil Mama and actors Kenny Vibert and Lil' JJ are featured in the music video.

"Leave (Get Out)", her debut single, reached number one on the US Billboard Pop songs chart, which made her the youngest solo artist to top the chart at thirteen years old.

The song peaked at 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified gold by the RIAA.

Due to the lyrics containing references to suicide, the track has been removed from many radio playlists including FM104 in Dublin, where thousands of complaints were phoned in on a late night chat show The Adrian Kennedy Phoneshow, and Wild 102 in Roseau, Minnesota.

It was allegedly pulled from two FM although a spokesperson said the song is currently not on its playlist but could not confirm if it had been in the past.

An Average White Girl (AWG) tarted up in the Disney-Channel-cum-Spice-Channel style so common in American culture, Jo Jo represents nothing less than the promise of so-called third-wave feminism, where every girl can be as horrible a person as her hair and makeup allows her to get away with, and liberation comes packaged with excessive attention to sex and romance.