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According to Charlie Intel, it’s 330MB on PS4 and 400MB on Xbox One.The patch notes for update 1.09 are the exact same as update 1.08, except they now include this additional note: “increased the server send rate.” This feature was already added with 1.08, it was just missing from the patch notes, according to Lead Designer Amos Hodge.--- Hello again, i finally managed to get it working lol x) OPS: YOU NEED TO HAVE THE GAME INSTALLED AND PATCHED!Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Patch 1.08 Notes do not include most of the new items listed below, instead they focus on improvements made to the game.Like everyone, we absolutely love the weapons currently in the game, but wanted to add even more variety into the arsenal.Our customer base is extremely important to us and we encourage constructive feedback.If you feel it is possible to improve on perfection, we are more than interested in what you have to say and welcome your comments.update 1.09 on Play Station 4, Xbox One, and PC today.According to Charlie Intel, it’s 330MB on PS4 and 400MB on Xbox One.“The server send rate increase was accidently [sic] left off the patch notes,” Hodge says.“But the change is included in this update.”If you’re planning on playing players, Activision has added a special Bloody Valentine weapon camo to the Black Market until February 16.

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