Visual studio 2016 validating web site slow

28-Aug-2017 09:33

This user id needs to be used for subsequent calls.

If the testing tool doesn’t understand JSON and is not able to automatically detect the dependency between those calls its up to the test engineer to add parsing statements for the first call and use the parsed value in subsequent calls. NET MVC Sample App (KIGG) that uses j Query and JSON.

Given the size and complexity of the platforms, I’m only looking at certain features on which to judge these products—features I picked based on my own experience as a programmer.

Before getting into what I found, I want to go over a couple items I’ve heard from other people. I haven’t encountered such an issue, either on a Linux or Windows machine, and so I suspect that most of those complaints have more to do with slow systems than the software itself.

JSON is one of the formats that is used to exchange information between the Web Server and the AJAX Framework running in the browser.

Asynchronous calls executed by AJAX frameworks can be very hard to deal with for web- and loadtesting tools? Because those requests can most often not easily be correlated to a Page Request done by the browser and therefore its not easy to create a nice script that shows the sequential logic of all user interactions.

Well, Visual Studio 2013's Load Testing tools can help you out.

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An example for this would be a login call that returns a user id.Advanced Features include: AJAX/Web Services, XML/JSON Data Viewer, API data/Execution.

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